Colombostile New Editions

The name Colombostile signifies a predilection for stylistic exploration combined with creative impudence. It comprises a collection of diverse aesthetic spirits that include s.i.p.arr: the essence of an elegant, refined classicism which is particularly treasured – in a number of countries around the world – for the softness of its expanses and the richness of its details.
Also forming part of Colombostile is c.s. Divani, a division which is exclusively devoted to the hand-crafted production of padded furniture, sofas and easy chairs, all created with the contributions of famous designers such as maurizio chiari, mariella mattei, roberto nicolai, carlo rampazzi, hierro desvilles and many others.
Thus, Colombostile can satisfy any furnishing requirement, since a living environment is not made up of individual pieces, but instead consists of a balanced orchestration of cabinets, padded furniture pieces, accessories, panels and other items that work together to create the landscape experienced by the occupant.
Colombostile has unmatched experience both in executing projects according to the client’s plan and in designing proposals to order.
Such projects include doors, equipped walls, kitchens and other elements, which are all integrated to originate decorative schemes whose designs, structures and finishing enjoy the creative boldness and executive
Mastery that are the hallmarks of colombostile.
What’s more, the company seeks to achieve total quality, especially in its relationship with clients. A privileged, world-wide partner for architects and professionals in its sector, colombostile is poised to meet the particular requirements of royal families, embassies, governments, industrial magnates, major hotel chains, shipowners, and whoever, in short, is surrounded by extreme luxury. Lying at the heart of the company’s philosophy is a predilection for stylistic exploration into new roads that lead to “beautiful” as the final goal.
Another central concept is the company’s willingness to satisfy the taste and the specific needs of the buyer; in fact, much of the company’s production is carried out according to the client’s plan or is designed to order, so that the finished product fits perfectly into the decorative environment as required. From initial contact to timely delivery, a collaborative relationship is created that gives rise to newly proposed colours, materials and dimensions, all of which specially designed on a case-by-case basis to fulfil the specific wishes of the individual client.

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